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Your idea can change the world!

It's an excellent decision!

We are happy that you would like to participate in xplore 2023. As the name already suggests, it involves discovering new solutions for tomorrow. Even small new ideas can represent huge solutions. Have the courage and confidence that new things can be created just by asking questions and trying things out.

That is why we are launching this competition. It's why we are also offering two exciting challenges, each with five key topics, so that as many participants as possible get involved with their ideas.

The fields of activity and their key topics

there are photovoltaic plants on a meadow, behind them are five wind turbines

Solutions for the daily private and professional life in a sustainable world

there are photovoltaic plants on a meadow, behind them are five wind turbines

Smart Energy
How can we generate, store, and distribute renewable energy more efficiently?

Smart Mobility
What can solutions for tomorrow look like to get people and goods from A to B in a more sustainable way?

Smart Infrastructure
How can road, rail, and shipping routes be retrofitted and how can the flow of traffic on them be controlled intelligently to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions?

Smart Industry
We are looking for digitization, networking, and automation solutions for greater energy efficiency and system availability in production.

Smart Building
How can industrial or residential buildings be operated more energy-efficiently through digitalization and automation?

Two young men are bent over a circuit, to the right stands a man gives the men an explanation

Education solutions to achieve qualifications for a sustainable world

Two young men are bent over a circuit, to the right stands a man gives the men an explanation

Automation for Beginners – it's possible even without calculus
The smallest, simplest applications can also generate huge effects. Have the courage to design concepts for teaching knowledge and skills in the field of automation without much prior knowledge.

Digital learning scenarios using AI, VR, and AR
Don’t shy away from using AI, VR, or AR, because learning environments and scenarios are becoming more and more interconnected and digital. You can shape the world of learning and teaching with the support of modern technologies.

Hybrid learning systems with collaborating interconnected systems
We are looking for teaching and learning systems on the diverse areas of application for a sustainable world, where both digital media and hardware are used. These can be operated at various locations and connected via a cloud.

Fun with technology
Show us how technical knowledge and its possible applications can be experienced in a creative and exciting way. Loosely based on the slogan “This makes technology fun to learn.”

Digital hardware
Digital twins vs. hardware models – is the combination the solution?


We’re excited to see what task you apply for with an idea...

Embassadors and technical experts

Gunther Koschnick

Gunther Koschnick

ZVEI e. V.

Automation Division
Managing Director

Selina Kerscher

Selina Kerscher

University of Oviedo

PhD Candidate and Researcher in the field of Energy and Process Control

Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken

Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Dr. Gert Zinke

Dr. Gert Zinke

Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

  • Department: Structure and order of vocational education
  • Work Area: Electrical, IT and Natural Science Professions
Prof. Dr. Martina Lehser

Prof. Dr. Martina Lehser

  • Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technologies (ZeMA), CEO
  • University of Applied Sciences (htw saar), Saabruecken, Head of Embedded Robotics Lab
Prof. Dr. Xiao Feng

Prof. Dr. Xiao Feng

Tongji University

  • Director of Sino-German College of Applied Sciences
  • Director of Sino-German College of Technical and Vocational Education
A woman sits at a table with her notebook and speaks to a camera

Introduce yourself – with your idea for a sustainable world

Do you have an idea?
Then tell us about it in your 100-second video. Introduce yourself, your vision, and the team you would like to participate with at xplore 2023.

From all the entries, our jury will nominate 100 teams that will get to work on their solutions for a sustainable world with our full support starting in 08.09.2022. And even if not all teams make it to the winners’ podium in the end, the xplore competition has always been an extraordinary experience that unites – and is thus a win-win for everyone.

Please keep in mind that you must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, we need a confirmation of your parents when applying to xplore 2023.

The entire competition schedule

a timeline showing the different phases of the competition

Is your video finished?
Then upload it here directly.

Use our form to upload your application video and all necessary documents at a central location. Please make sure to send your entire application in one final submission. Data and files cannot be modified at a later time.

Choose a topic and come up with an idea for a sustainable solution.
Explain your idea for a solution in a 100-second video (max. 100 MiB, .mov, .mp4, .wmv) and also include your other project data (.pdf, .zip). Please add your video in English only.
Use the contact form to submit the video and additional information.

Information on the processing of your personal data in the context of participation in the xplore award can be found in the conditions of participation, supplementary, general information on the processing of personal data at Phoenix Contact can be found in the data protection information.

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