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Creative solutions for a smart world

Phoenix Contact will support you on your journey to a smarter world with a versatile range of innovative products, software, services, and expertise tailored to your applications.

Innovative products, software, and services for production systems

Digitalization creates added value

Roland Bent, CTO Phoenix Contact
Roland Bent, CTO Phoenix Contact

“Thanks to the expertise of around 2000 engineers, we are the pioneer for new products, systems, and solutions.

Digitalization is the way forward if it creates added value. Read on to discover how this can be an option for you. In the field of control cabinets, we illustrate examples of how digital data significantly reduces the workload and how we can support you in this process. New opportunities are created by intelligent linking of data. Move into the future with digital business models: the PLCnext Store makes it easy to implement new solutions.

Enjoy discovering new possibilities.”

Roland Bent, CTO Phoenix Contact
Save time in the engineering process with COMPLETE line

The comprehensive control cabinet solution
Optimized engineering

Control cabinet manufacturers are having to develop new approaches in order to remain competitive. As part of a collaborative partnership, we provide holistic solutions which enable system-wide use of digital data, optimization of processes, and time savings. The COMPLETE line system allows you to optimize your processes – from project concept to implementation, through to operation of your applications.
Cost-effective control cabinet production with COMPLETE line

The comprehensive control cabinet solution
Rapid, systematic installation

Coordinated hardware and software components are the key to the cost-effective production of control cabinets – whether for one-off or high-volume orders. The consistent COMPLETE line system includes all of the key components and accessories necessary for your automation solution. It is consistent in terms of design, handling and function. This enables control cabinets to be installed quickly and intuitively.
Joint concept development for your control cabinet manufacturing

The comprehensive control cabinet solution
New approaches to control cabinet manufacturing

Control cabinet manufacturing is characterized by a high proportion of process costs. Reducing these costs is the ideal starting point for improving efficiency in the production of machines and systems. Our experts will collaborate with you in developing new concepts tailored ideally to your unique operating environment. Take advantage of our experience in control cabinet manufacturing and machine building to develop successful solutions for optimizing your processes.
Digital services optimize the operation and maintenance of your system
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Optimizing operation and maintenance
Keeping the pulse of your system

Safeguard the operation of your system and benefit from digital services via a cloud connection: The surge protection assistance system provides data on the actual load on the installation. Cloud-based logging and [...]
Reliable power supply in production systems
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Reliable supply
Powerful performance for individual applications

Safeguard system availability and customize power supplies for each individual application: Order the powerful 40 A power supplies with the precise settings you need for your application. Streamline installation [...]
Energy measuring devices transmit data to higher-level control and management systems
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Transparent energy monitoring
The fastest way to measure energy use

Identify savings potentials for improving energy efficiency and create the basis for energy management: the energy measuring devices acquire energy data and communicate this to your higher-level control and management [...]
Fast and space-saving connection technology for your industrial system
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Simple replacement
Modernization made easy

You can now also use fast, tool-free Push-in Technology in classic fields of application of screw connection technology: The increasing use of modular concepts in many areas of industry demands a flexible, fast, and [...]
Circular connectors with fast connection to increase the networking capability of your production processes
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Consistent connections
Compatibility ensures high availability

Circular connectors with innovative fast locking system for reliable electrical connections: The complexity in industrial production is increasing. It must be possible to adapt systems to changing demands quickly and [...]
Extremely resistant connectors for industry-capable PCB connections
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Connecting PCBs intelligently
Developing devices flexibly

Arrange printed-circuit boards flexibly and transfer data and signals reliably: The high-position board-to-board connectors are the ideal solution for industry-capable PCB connections, thanks to their double-sided [...]
Fast and individual production of housing fronts via 3D printing
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Designing housing fronts
Individually in lot sizes of one

Tailor your housing cover design to your requirements and produce via additive manufacturing: The ability to recognize a device is of great importance to its manufacturer. The digital housing designer will guide you [...]
Intelligent charging park management
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Intelligent charging park management
Integrating future-proof electromobility

Develop charging options flexibly and safeguard availability: Charging park planners and constructors have to ensure the optimum charging power for each charging point with limited on-site mains connection facility. At [...]
Intelligent solutions for sophisticated automation solutions
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Open and safe automation
Programming intelligent solutions

Solving demanding automation tasks, protecting people and machines: The first PLCnext Control that unifies standard and safety-relevant calculations in one device. As a part of the open PLCnext Technology ecosystem, [...]
PLCnext Store from Phoenix Contact

New technologies – New possibilities
The digital marketplace for automation

The PLCnext Store is an extension of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem. It includes hardware, software, and an ever increasing community of innovators, lateral thinkers, and decision makers. The digital marketplace features applications (apps) that are designed especially for automation technology. It includes software libraries for accelerated PLC programming and apps for extending the functionality of a PLCnext Control, without the need for any programming knowledge whatsoever.

Pump station control
Pump station control
Basic light control
Basic light control
Intrinsic safety
Intrinsic safety
Tank and well control
Tank and well control
NMEA data collector
NMEA data collector
Blade tension measurement
Blade tension measurement
Proficloud writer
Proficloud writer
Advanced Shielding Technology innovative shielding concept for assembled connectors

New technologies – New possibilities
Absolutely secure shielding

Advanced Shielding Technology is the innovative shielding concept for assembled connectors. Liquid metal completely encloses the cable shielding during the manufacturing process and guarantees an absolutely secure and reliable shield connection. You can thus increase the transmission quality of data, signals, and power even when exposed to extreme environmental influences. Place your trust in future-proof cabling for state-of-the-art factory automation.