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Empowering the All Electric Society

Technical solutions for a future worth living

A global society in which regenerative and affordable electrical energy is available in abundance: This is the All Electric Society – the scientifically based vision of the future of a CO2-neutral and sustainably developing world. The way to get there is through the comprehensive electrification, networking and automation of all relevant areas of life and work. Phoenix Contact enables its customers with numerous products, solutions, and application examples to actively shape this transformation towards a sustainable society.

A pencil for lasting inspiration

The pencil can be used to note down many good ideas and creative thoughts. After it has done its job on the paper, a sunflower will grow from it – if it is put in the ground – as a flowering symbol for sustainability.

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Phoenix Contact is a strong partner for creative solutions in the fields of connection technology, electronics, and automation on the path to a smart world. As a group of companies, Phoenix Contact is a global market leader based in Germany.

With a global network reaching across more than 100 countries with over 20,300 employees, we maintain close relationships with our customers, something we believe is essential for our common success.